Acupuncture provides drug-free pain relief, assists in prevention against disease and treats the cause as well as the symptoms. It effectively links the body, mind, and emotions.

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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture, an essential part of Eastern Medicine, is approved by the World Health Organization to treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. It is a great complement to Western Medicine. Best results are achieved by those clients who use both medical systems wisely. As such, Centered Health Healing Arts (CHHA) encourages integrated medicine and provides professional holistic healthcare services.



Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing. Suction is created using heat (fire) or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps).


Moxabustion, aka ‘Moxa’

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Moxibustion has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years; in fact, the actual Chinese character for acupuncture, translated literally, means “acupuncture-moxibustion.” The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health.


Facial Rejuvination

For thousands of years, the Chinese have known that beauty comes from inside. As early as the Sung Dynasty (960AD-1270AD) acupuncture rejuvenation practices were administered to the Empress and the Emperor’s concubines.


  • The treatment has been painless and very very relaxing. I continue with treatments to solve other skeletal issues and as a form of meditation and relaxation.

    Back and Hip Pain
  • After my first session I felt clear headed and energized and I noticed results each time I saw her. She is truly all about understanding in treating your entire self and well being.

    Anxiety and Stress
  • Andrea outlined the areas where she felt I could benefit from a course of acupuncture and she immediately initiated treatment which was neither painful nor unpleasant. Surprisingly it was just the opposite, resulting in an experience which left me feeling relaxed and almost completely pain-free. I thank Andrea for her introduction to the world of Acupuncture and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

    Back Pain
  • I had a systemic bacterial infection that antibiotics were not curing. My body was exhausted and that exhaustion was causing depression. Andrea, through acupuncture and a supplement, cured me! I feel balanced, have more energy, and no longer have an infection. In addition, she treats my children and keeps my entire family in good health.

    Symptoms after bacterial infection
  • I would absolutely recommend acupuncture to a friend. I was surprised with how comfortable I was during the first visit. I am also shocked at how much better I feel in all areas. I sleep better, have more energy and the original pain has diminished significantly. I have found Andrea’s personality and demeanor to be professional and refreshing! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Disorder of the muscles and tendons
  • Andrea is the best! I started seeing her based on a recommendation from a friend because I wanted to get pregnant. I am now 6 months pregnant and still seeing Andrea on a weekly basis. She is a caring person who wants the best for her patients.

    Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
  • Andrea is a wonderful and highly skilled acupuncturist. She has helped me tremendously with lower back and leg pain from a failed spinal fusion. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to chat with. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking effective acupuncture.

    Lower Back and Leg Pain
  • My first session literally changed my life. I wanted an alternative medicine experience for my pain, and I never thought one treatment would help, but it did. Tremendously! There are so many additional benefits to the pain relief, that I will continue treatments. Andrea extremely knowledgeable, gentle, calming and truly amazing at what she does!

    Pain Relief
  • Andrea is a gifted and wonderful healer. Her knowledge and compassion instantly put you at ease when you see her. She answers any question you may have with the utmost patience and understanding. I know i will feel better after each session with her. She has helped me tremendously with my carpal tunnel pain. After my very first session i felt relief. I highly highly recommend Andrea.

    Carpal Tunnel Pain
  • I started having acupuncture somewhere else for back/neck pain and though it helped, I wasn't happy with the environment. Thankfully I found Andrea! She's kind, sweet, gentle, knowledgeable and amazing. Her technique is different in a good way and she introduced essential oils and cupping to my treatments. I've even used her facial oil which is fantastic. I even got my husband to come and she's helped him with sleeping and energy. We're both hooked and will be long term patients because I don't think there's anything acupuncture won't help fix.

    Acupuncture and Technique

Frequently Asked Questions

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is most known in the United States for pain management. However, it is actually effective for a wide variety of problems. The World Health Organization has declared acupuncture as effective for addictions, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, chemotherapy, digestive problems, ear problems, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, menstrual and female disorders, muscle and joint problems, sinusitis, skin disorders, and much more.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been used successfully to treat children and animals, neither of whom have preconceived beliefs about the effectiveness of acupuncture. But a positive mental outlook, which is true in receiving any form of treatment, can enhance the effects of treatment.

Is acupuncture painful?

There are misconceptions about the treatment, most having to do with pain, but acupuncture is almost never painful. The needles are extremely small, nothing like needles used to administer drugs. An acupuncture needle does not puncture the skin; it slides into the tissue without cutting it and can hardly be felt. CHA uses the finest Japanese needles — smooth, sterile and disposable, with rounded points. Discomfort is rare and usually due to an unusual degree of tightness or sensitivity. During an acupuncture session, different sensations may be experienced by the patient, from numbness and tingling, to an electrical-like discharge upon insertion. This is perfectly normal. The discomfort will usually disappear as soon as the needle insertion is complete, about 5 seconds. If the discomfort remains, please tell the practitioner. the sensation of acupuncture is actually rather pleasant and most people fall into an alpha state of semi-sleep, a very relaxed state of mind.

Is acupuncture safe?

Most acupuncturists today use pre-sterilized, individually packaged, disposable needles thus absolutely assuring that there is no transmission of communicable disease from patient to patient due to contaminated needles.

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

That depends on the duration, severity, and nature of each individual’s health problem. Generally improvement should be seen within the first five treatments or so. It should be noted that acupuncture builds on itself and ideally initial treatments will be about every week. Many patients choose to use acupuncture as a preventative medicine and after no longer suffering from acute conditions choose to receive maintenance treatments (once a month or so).

What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?

One may experience immediate total or partial release of their symptoms which may last, or the symptoms may eventually return. In a few cases, the pain may seem even worse. This is called the rebound effect. By the next day, the pain can be expected to gradually improve. However, one should see further incremental improvement after each subsequent treatment. In a few cases there may be no immediate relief but pain may eventually diminish over the next couple of days.

What is Moxa treatment?

Moxa Therapy is the use of the herb “Moxa”, also known as “Mogwort” or “Artmisia vulgaris”, to promote healing. The herb is burned on the surface of the skin, which is protected by a cream, often over acupuncture points. The warmth penetrates into the body to bring about self-healing. The herb dates back to the Romans and has been used as a antipyretic, worm expellant, diuretic, and hemostatic.This therapy increases white blood cell count which helps prevent illness. It also promotes alkalinity of the blood. Moxibustion has a thermal effect, much like an infrared beam. It acts as a histotoxin, rebalancing the calcium to magnesium ratio. This ratio becomes imbalanced in diseased areas.

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