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Bioenergetic Test

Bioenergetic Testing

Many of us strain to understand and manage a myriad of interrelated symptoms. We’ll undergo diets, supplements, therapies, lifestyle strategies — anything to see improvement — but often find ourselves grasping at straws.

70% of general patients suffer from bioenergetic disturbances their lab work fails to identify. The problem stems from deep regulatory imbalances across multiple body systems, and manifests as an accumulation of negative symptoms.

Consider a session of bioenergetic testing. You’ll receive a baseline measurement of your health, and a personalized plan that includes the supplements, herbs, and homeopathics that can help restore balance.

Every disease begins as a functional rather than pathological disturbance. The right evaluation and healing protocols can detect and reverse this deterioration. Bioenergetic or Functional Medicine assesses hormonal imbalances, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, allergies, structural misalignments, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic maladies, gastrointestinal problems, and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Addressing their root cause, resolves many symptoms and, with regular testing, you can monitor your progress and refine your health plan as needed for astonishing results.


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