Elizabeth Zangara L.Ac

    Elizabeth Zangara L.Ac  is a New York State licensed practicing acupuncturist, Yoga teacher and Jungian Life Coach.  In addition to achieving her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she also holds certifications as a birth doula, yoga, coaching, and in therapeutic massage.  Her focus has been on women’s health, both physical and emotional, combining somatic work with open dialogue and bodywork to bring about full mind-body healing. Her expertise and compassionate treatments make her an incredible resource here at Centered Health.

    Over the last 20 years she has treated many imbalances, including digestive disorders, gynecology, depression and anxiety, pain, as well as a heavy emphasis on musculoskeletal work.  She has worked closely with yogis, dancers and athletes. Her focus continues to be addressing the inter-connectivity of physical and emotional health in an effort to bring about one’s highest sense of health and wellness. As an extension of her overall philosophy, she blends yoga and yogic philosophy with her practice modalities to enhance spiritual well being.