Lu Fang

    Lu Fang, a licensed acupuncturist based in New York, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine joins us as a guest acupuncturist and we are so grateful to have her! With a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and ongoing studies for a doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Lu Fang brings a wealth of expertise to the practice.

    Approaching each patient as a unique individual, Lu Fang employs acupuncture, herbal medicine, and complementary modalities to address root causes and promote holistic healing. Her journey in healing began in the bustling clinic of Beijing Tong Ren Tang, where she apprenticed with esteemed Chinese medicine doctors.

    Beyond her healing practice, Lu Fang is a recognized contemporary artist known for her video art and installations. Her creative background infuses her approach to healing with a unique perspective. Discover the power of ancient medicine guided by a practitioner committed to enhancing your wellbeing.