What is Qi Stagnation? And Why is it Important?

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Qi stagnation is when there is lack of movement and lack of ease and flow in the mind and body. This can be from lack of physical movement, stress, thinking the same thing over, and over, and over again, long commutes, and more. 

Signs and symptoms of qi stagnation may include pain, depression, anxiety, feeling as if there is a lump in your throat, pms, irritability, bloating and other digestive disturbances, and more. 

Energy imbalances or constricted flow of energy can cause and accentuate pain. It stops the body from being able to heal itself, but there are several things we can do to get the energy (or qi) flowing again.

Simple Ways to Heal Qi Stagnation:

  1. Take deep, slow, and long breaths. Let the diaphragm fully expand and contract
  2. Go for walks or do other forms of exercise you enjoy
  3. Give EFT (tapping) a try to release thought patterns
  4. Schedule an acupuncture treatment.
  5. Use meditation to quiet the mind and help you stay present

TCM compares stagnant qi to a stagnant stream. When things become stagnant, there might be a smell, algae may begin to grow, sticks and litter may begin to collect. All of this makes you feel…icky! 

When things are flowing, you feel fresh, energized, inspired, and free! 

Remember, there is no limit on how good you can feel!

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