Using Essential Oils to Boost Immunity, Fight Viruses, and Regain Calm

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Ancient cultures around the globe have used essential oils for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Not only are they used as medicine but also in the prevention of illness and its spread. Today we can still use these amazing oils to benefit our immune system, prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, and to bring us a sense of calm.*

As long as essential oils are high quality and therapeutic grade, they can be both used for the prevention of the spread of bacteria and viruses and also in the treatment of illness. I use Snow Lotus Essential Oils after taking many classes with the acupuncturist and founder, Peter Holmes. His oils can be purchased at the office or by e-mailing me at*

Oils to Consider for Cleaning and Preventing the Spread of Viruses

  • Niaouli Oil: Antiseptic. It has potent antiseptic properties that can fight against and eliminate various bacteria, fungi, viruses and microbes. It also has the ability to boost the respiratory system.
  • Palmarosa: This oil has strong antiviral properties which can kill and inhibit the spread of viral infections and reduce pain and fever that come from the virus. Has an uplifting effect on the mind. This oil also eases anxiety and irritability, I love using it over the heart for anxiety or in the navel for its prebiotic support.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata: Its major component, 1,8-cineole, has antimicrobial effects against many bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), viruses, and fungi (including Candida). Surprisingly for an antimicrobial substance, there are also immune-stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and spasmolytic effects.
  • Vir Away Essential Oil Blend: A blend made by Snow Lotus that combines several oils that are known to fight viruses and my oil of choice at this time. You can use “Vir-Away in an ultrasonic or air-pump nebulizer to reduce the germ load in the immediate environment and to promote healthy, easy inhalation. This blend can also be used on a tissue or wet wipe to make a disinfectant wipe. Use freely for the hands and on all surfaces in the home and at work. Use liberally while traveling on buses, planes, trains, etc., to help keep surfaces clean, sanitary and germ free.”

Oils to Consider for Encourage Peace of Mind and Calm in Your Home

  • Bergamot: This essential oil may improve negative emotions and fatigue and lower saliva cortisol levels
  • Lavender: Lavender works to relieve anxiety and as a sedative, it increases relaxation and calm, and helps bring about sleep. Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness
  • Palmarosa: Helps to prevent depression and anxiety, fights feelings of anger, nervousness, and fatigue. It also can aid digestive upset that may be due to emotional causes.
  • Calm Spirit Blend: I love the smell of this blend so much! The blend was designed to calm the spirit, relaxe constraint and settle the Heart. Use for anxiety, worry, impulsivity, irritability, reactive emotions, and insomnia.*

How to use

  • Clean Surfaces and Use in Hand Sanitizer: Like 70% alcohol, several essential oils can be used to kill the virus on contact. That goes for disinfecting external surfaces, like door knobs, water taps, shopping-cart handles, your iphone, laptop, tray-tables on flights, etc. Add a few drops of essential oil to your hand sanitizer or to an alcohol solution/wipes to clean surfaces.
  • Hot Steam Inhalation: This is one of the direct inhalation methods that combines the penetrating and antiviral power of hot steam with the antiviral action of the oils. Drop 2-4 drops of the oil or blend into a basin or bowl of hot water that has just boiled. Place a large, thick towel over your head to form a fairly airtight tent and. Gently inhale the aromatic steam for at least 5 minutes. You can also breathe in the steam to disinfect the mouth and trachea. Do this steam inhalation twice a day for prevention, four to six times for actual treatment.
  • Mini Wet Inhalation:  Use a steaming hot washcloth, drop 1-2 drops of antiviral oil or blend onto the washcloth, cup over the nose and inhale deeply.
  • Use An Air Pump Nebulizer: The second one is more powerful and is really needed for efficiently reducing the viral load in a room. It is also perfect for sanitizing and disinfecting the sinuses and bronchi if you sit directly in front of it, about 2-3 feet away, for about 15 minutes.
  • Put the Oil On Your Face Mask or Nasal Plug: Drop 1-2 drops of the antiviral oil or blend onto a small ball of cotton and insert into the entrance of each nostril. Breathe in normally through the nose and out through the mouth to obtain continuous benefits to the air passages. This should be done in combination with wearing a mask if going outside, of course.
  • Foot-Arch Application: Apply 2 drops of the oil or blend to the medially side of the foot arch and cover for at least two minutes – the longer the better. Do this once or twice daily for prevention, or three or four times for actual treatment.*

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