10 Ways Virtual Sessions Are Even More Beneficial than an In-Office Visit

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Spending more time at home and social-distancing has forced all of us to change how we do certain things. Although sometimes frustrating, this brings about new opportunities, possibilities, and innovation. One of those areas is the way we get different therapies, from acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, energy healing, personal training, and more. Service professionals  are discovering new ways to help their clients and we stand to benefit! Most of us associate receiving multiple different types of therapies with going into an office and working hands-on with a professional, but now sessions are being offered right from the comfort of your own home. Practitioners will coach you one-on-one, using platforms like Zoom or FaceTime, to get you the benefits you are seeking around your well-being. I wanted to share a few ways this new approach to healing is extremely beneficial for health and happiness. In several ways, experiencing a virtual session can be even more potent than in-person. 

10 Ways Virtual Sessions Can Be Even More Beneficial than an In-Office Visit:

  1. Staying in the comfort of your own home. No need to leave your session and immediately re-engage with the hectic energy of the outside world.
  2. Access to more of the practitioner’s time and focus. Due to the way the face-to-face nature of the session, both practitioner and patient are very much engaged in the session.
  3. It is easier to find the time to schedule a virtual session, no need to account for commute time, find a baby sitter etc.
  4. You will learn skills you can use to benefit yourself and possibly others.
    • I am sure you have heard this quote before: “If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime,” by Lao Tzu. The more you learn about how to treat your mind and body to perform at their peak, the less you will need to depend on others.
  5. You have access to experts anywhere in the world without having to deal with the hassle and expense of travel! Just think about that for a second, in this amazing technological era, you have access to potentially working with anyone in the entire world.
  6. You have the option to take a nap and integrate the healing more deeply, similar to the final relaxation pose (Shavasana) at the end of yoga class.
    • This is why we offer Quietly Listening in the evenings, so participants can experience the session right from their bed and then drift off into dreamland.
  7. It brings a high-level frequency and vibration into your home, offering a unique way to clear your physical space.
  8. You get to create the space.
    • When you visit an office, the space you receive your treatment in is dictated by that office and their staff. However, in a virtual session you may choose to play music you like in the background, light a candle, sit in your favorite chair, have your kitten purring in your lap, or your dog at your feet. You may even choose to be outside because it happens to be beautiful out that day.
  9. The practitioner may be able to use powerful techniques and tools that they are not able to use during an in-person sessions. Practitioner’s get used to treating patients in-office in the same way, day after day. Working with patients in their own homes can force them to get more creative or use tools they have learned about but haven’t been able to implement yet in the office.
    • For example, Chinese medicine is a vast treasury of knowledge, the product of millennia of practical experience in dealing with illness and maintaining balance and there is so much more to the medicine than just acupuncture. In fact, there are eight main branches of medicine, acupuncture being just one of them. These branches include diet, acupuncture, cosmology (this includes holistic beauty and face reading), qi gong/exercise, meditation/productive thinking, Feng Shui, herbal medicine, and body work. So a Telehealth session from an acupuncturist might include going though specific meditation exercises, acupressure, using essential oils on different acupuncture points, dietary changes and more. So many possibilities exist in this format. Having a Telehealth session with someone allows more time to educate the patient and the things they can do at home for themselves to shift their lives on every every level.
  10. It is potentially recorded, giving you lifetime access to the information. 
    • Many practitioners give advice, recommendations, and tips during your in-person office visit, requiring us to try to memorize everything the practitioner said as we walk out the door. If you’re like me, you will leave convinced you have it all firmly in your mind…until the person in front of you slams on their brakes or you receive a phone call, causing you to lose your focus, and much of the information is forgotten. However, Telehealth and Virtual sessions are usually followed with an e-mail with notes from your session detailing reflections, suggestions, and more. Some can even record the session for you so you have lifetime access to listen and learn anything you may have missed! This offers a more concrete way to anchor the healing, allowing you to go back and re-read and re-engage with the healing over time. It also is an amazing way for you track your progress towards your health and wellness goals.

Virtual Options available at Centered Health:

  • Telemedicine: Perfect for when you are experiencing acute signs and symptoms such as illness, pain, insomnia, or anxiety, and want to know how to naturally address them. A telemedicine session gives you the opportunity to reach your health goals wherever it is most convenient for you. Learn how to use acupressure, diet, eastern medicine tools, herbals, essential oils, exercises, Feng shui, face reading, meditation and more to achieve amazing standards in health and happiness. By doing a thorough health and lifestyle investigation we can provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help you reach your goals. Insurance companies are starting to offer coverage for these sessions so check with your insurance company today.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Holistic coaching focuses on improving physical AND emotional health because there is no separation between the two. The better you feel in your body, the better you will feel emotionally. The better your body feels the easier it will be to feel truly happy and achieve your goals. We use a customized holistic coaching method drawing on my knowledge from 12+ years of experience as a practitioner of eastern medicine, health coach, and practitioner of psychological kinesiology to help you get to the root of what is holding you back. We will use a variety of processes to give you control of your life and well-being, mental clarity, freedom from uncomfortable symptoms and pain, increased energy, and beautiful glowing skin. From this place, you will begin to embody and fully realize your dreams!
  • Virtual Energy Healing: This is a distance healing, meant for those unable to make it into the office. Treatments begin with a short interview over the phone where we will discuss how you are feeling and any problem areas that you would like addressed, physical or emotional, followed by an energetic treatment. Depending on what comes through during that time, recommendations on exercises, meditation, affirmations, essential oils, and supplements may be given.
  • Bioenergetic Testing: BioEnergetic evaluation is a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions and patterns of stress. The main purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback that can be used to develop a customized health program for restoring each system. The practitioner can easily run the test with a sample the patient sends in the mail and the results can be gone over during a phone consultation. The valuable information from this evaluation and the resultant health program can lead to amazing benefits such as improvement in the overall function of your body and its systems, getting to the root of your existing problem, addressing persistent allergies, strengthening the immune system, and saving money by matching which supplements are best for you now (much less trial and error/guessing!)
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