Day 02


Take 5 minutes to visualize yourself happily doing something you love. Sitting on a beach, cuddling with a puppy, skiing down a mountain, swimming in a waterfall, sitting on the porch of your dream house, accepting a coveted award. Just five minutes, think about and picture yourself doing something that will leave a smile on your face.


Skin brushing: You lose about 1 lb of waste products through the pores each day, so it is extremely important to take care of your skin. Brushing helps your skin to “breathe” efficiently by clearing the pores, contributing to circulation, and improves its appearance. It also boosts lymph circulation leading to increased detoxing and excretion of waste materials in the cells and helping to relieve water retention. Taking the time to show such care to your body also is a great way to honor your body on a deeper level.

How to: Do this on dry skin, preferably right before you get in the shower. Start at your feet and work up your body. Brush both sides of your feet and up your legs. Brush towards the heart and over the breast. Brush the stomach in gentle, circular strokes in a clockwise direction. Raise each arm in turn and brush from the hand to the armpit. Brush from the buttocks up the back to the neck. Do this every day for the rest of the detox and consider adding it to your normal morning routine.


Give something to everyone you meet today, a flower, a smile, a hug, a compliment or other gift.